Prima Doll Songs Lyrics

Prima Doll Songs Lyrics


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Prima Doll Songs
Prima Doll Opening Lyrics プリマドール Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Prima Doll

Also Called:プリマドール


Released on year:2022

Released in:Summer


Nestled within the heart of the Imperial Capital's illustrious fifth ward lies the enchanting Black Cat Cafe. Emerging victoriously from the tumultuous aftermath of war, this esteemed establishment now thrives under the careful guidance of a troupe of exquisite mechanical dolls known as Automata. Adorned in resplendent kimonos, these wondrous creations have rejoined society, yet their treasured memories of duty and purpose still linger, preventing them from fully embracing their newfound serenity. Amidst the Automata's diligent service at the Black Cat Cafe, a captivating figure has recently been revitalized. Meet Haizakura, the enigmatic Automaton whose unfortunate memory loss during a reset has left her yearning for answers about her own identity and purpose in this unfamiliar world. However, there is one aspect of herself that remains untarnished—her passion for melodic artistry that effortlessly flows through her enchanting voice. With inexhaustible curiosity as their guiding force, Haizakura and her Automata brethren embark on a quest to unearth their new calling, diligently supporting one another through the trials that lie ahead. In the realm of the Black Cat Cafe, a magnificent tapestry of mystery, resilience, and shared purpose awaits. Step into this extraordinary world and discover the remarkable tale of courage, self-discovery, and unwavering unity that unfolds within its hallowed walls.


Prima Doll, a captivating anime rendition, serves as a pivotal component within the extraordinary multimedia venture by Key and Visual Arts. Delightfully presented, the series unfolds across six volumes of mesmerizing storytelling, available on Blu-ray from October 28, 2022, until March 29, 2023. Immerse yourself in this immersive odyssey and witness the magic of Prima Doll come to life before your very eyes.