Princess Mononoke Songs Lyrics

Mononoke Hime | もののけ姫
Princess Mononoke Songs Lyrics


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Princess Mononoke Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Princess Mononoke

Also Called:Mononoke Hime | もののけ姫


Released on year:2016

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:13


In the mystical realm of Emishi, the tranquility of a village is shattered when a ferocious demon boar launches a vicious attack. Confronted with imminent danger, a young prince named Ashitaka fearlessly rises to protect his tribe at all costs. However, in a cruel twist of fate, the valiant prince's arm becomes cursed by the dying boar, tormenting him with demonic powers while slowly draining his life force. Guided by the elders' wisdom, Ashitaka embarks on a perilous journey westward in search of a remedy. His path leads him to the magnificent Iron Town of Tatara, where an intense conflict brews. Lady Eboshi, the formidable ruler of Tatara, relentlessly pushes for the expansion of her domain through widespread deforestation. In stark opposition, Princess San and the awe-inspiring spirits of the forest rally against the destructive ways of mankind, their fury ignited by the relentless pillaging of nature's sanctity. Caught in the crossfire of nature and humanity, Ashitaka finds himself thrust into a harrowing battle for survival. As he grapples with the encroaching darkness within his own being, the noble prince endeavors to forge a tenuous harmony between these opposing forces. His mission becomes a testament to the delicate interplay between technological progress and the preservation of nature's delicate balance, revealing a path to coexistence that can only be achieved through mutual acceptance. Princess Mononoke weaves a mesmerizing tale that resonates with themes of connection, resilience, and the unyielding power of harmony. Embark on this extraordinary adventure as you bear witness to the epic clash between mankind and the ethereal forces that vie for dominion over the enchanted lands of Emishi.


The year was 1997 when this phenomenal anime film made its mark in history. It not only won the prestigious Best Japanese Movie and Best Animation awards but also emerged victorious as the Japanese Movie Fans' Choice, capturing the hearts of countless audience members. The following year, its remarkable impact continued as it clinched the highly acclaimed Best Picture award at the esteemed 21st Japan Academy Awards.