Princess Principal Songs Lyrics

Princess Principal Songs Lyrics


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Princess Principal Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Princess Principal

Also Called:プリンセス・プリンシパル


Released on year:2002

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:38


During the dawn of the 20th century, an extraordinary substance named Cavorite emerged, igniting a technological revolution and plunging the nation into an inevitable conflict. The vibrant city of London now stands geographically divided, concealed behind an imposing wall, as the Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Albion engage in a perilous struggle, where espionage reigns supreme as the ultimate weapon to undermine the adversary. Within this clandestine landscape, a formidable group of young women from the esteemed Queen's Mayfaire school emerges as courageous undercover agents for the Commonwealth. Each possessing exceptional skills and character traits, they are led by Dorothy, a seasoned driver exuding a remarkable aura of strength and resilience. Alongside her are Ange le Carré, a masterful tactician and sharpshooter, whose ability to weave intricate webs of deceit leaves her enemies confounded; Chise, a highly skilled samurai, combining elegance and lethal precision with her deadly blade; and Beatrice, an astute mimic capable of imitating any voice flawlessly. United by their unwavering loyalty to the Commonwealth, these extraordinary heroines navigate a treacherous world brimming with conspiracies, enigma, and the art of infiltration. Eagerly fulfilling their perilous missions, they remain obscured by the shadows of the ongoing war. However, amidst the chaos, their minds are solely set on accomplishing their objectives, even as they unravel the secrets that lie in wait. Engrossed in a dangerous dance of survival, the clock steadily ticks towards their destiny, propelling them ever closer to triumph.