Princess Resurrection Songs Lyrics

Kaibutsu Oujo
Princess Resurrection Songs Lyrics


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Princess Resurrection Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Princess Resurrection

Also Called:Kaibutsu Oujo


Released on year:2007

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:25


In a gripping twist of fate, Hiro Hiyorimi valiantly attempts to rescue a mesmerizing young woman from imminent peril, only to find himself facing his own demise. However, this is just the beginning of an extraordinary journey as the enigmatic woman turns out to be none other than Hime, the daughter of the King of the Monsters. As a consequence of his heroic sacrifice, Hiro is granted an unusual second chance at existence as a supernatural soldier in Hime's revered honor guard. Instantly immersed in a treacherous battle against an onslaught of otherworldly creatures unleashed by Hime's power-hungry siblings, Hiro finds himself confronting not only vampires and zombies, but an array of unimaginably bizarre foes including were-sharks, pandas, and even malevolent dumplings. This post-mortem predicament is far from the afterlife Hiro had envisioned. However, amidst this chaotic inferno, it becomes evident that Hime, with her peculiar but genuine sense of morality, stands as the beacon of righteousness in this hellish landscape. Prepare yourself for a visceral odyssey as Hiro and Hime unite against a diabolical force determined to ascend the infernal hierarchy, defying all odds and battling horrors beyond comprehension.