Princess Tutu Songs Lyrics

Princess Tutu Songs Lyrics


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Princess Tutu Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Princess Tutu

Also Called:プリンセスチュチュ


Released on year:2010

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:11


Step into a world where fairy tales become reality, where the delicate and endearing Ahiru defies all odds as an unlikely protagonist. But here's the twist: Ahiru is not your ordinary girl, for beneath her surface lies a whimsical secret. She is, in fact, a duck! Pulled into a magical transformation by the enigmatic Drosselmeyer, Ahiru embarks on a mesmerizing journey unlike any other. Unleashing her enchanting powers, Ahiru becomes Princess Tutu. As a graceful ballet dancer, she weaves exquisite magic with her egg-shaped pendant, liberating tormented souls from the shackles of their tumultuous hearts. And there's a purpose to her ethereal existence—to reclaim and reconstruct the fragmented pieces of her prince's heart, which he shattered eons ago while sealing away a malevolent raven. Prepare to be swept away in the epic tapestry of Princess Tutu, a timeless tale wherein heroes and heroines face the treacherous path of destiny head-on. It is through their unwavering beliefs, profound emotions, and resolute actions that the delicate threads of this fairy tale may triumphantly stitch together the fabric of their "happily ever after."


Princess Tutu captivated audiences with its enchanting tale, divided into two captivating chapters. The first chapter treated viewers to a mesmerizing array of 13 episodes, each spanning 25 minutes in duration. As the story unfolded, the second chapter gracefully took the stage, enthralling fans with 24 shorter, yet equally enthralling episodes. The grand finale, a resplendent 25-minute episode, left hearts racing and minds spellbound, thus culminating in a remarkable journey of 26 episodes in total.