PriPara Songs Lyrics

Puri Para | Pri Para | PuriPara | Prism Paradise | プăƒȘăƒ‘ăƒ©
PriPara Songs Lyrics


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PriPara Songs
PriPara Opening Lyrics Puri Para | Pri Para | PuriPara | Prism Paradise | プăƒȘăƒ‘ăƒ© Opening Lyrics
PriPara Ending Lyrics Puri Para | Pri Para | PuriPara | Prism Paradise | プăƒȘăƒ‘ăƒ© Ending Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:Puri Para | Pri Para | PuriPara | Prism Paradise | プăƒȘăƒ‘ăƒ©


Released on year:2014

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:140


Every young girl eagerly anticipates the day she will receive her exclusive ticket, opening the gateway to the enchanting realm of PriPara (Prism Paradise). PriPara is a realm brimming with melodic harmonies, cutting-edge fashion, and exhilarating auditions, offering an irresistible opportunity to become a renowned pop idol. Unfortunately, Laala Manaka's school imposes strict limitations, prohibiting elementary students from participating in these idol competitions. Miraculously, Laala's passion lies not in competing, but in witnessing these remarkable idol performances. Against all odds, fate intervenes and propels her into the captivating world of PriPara, granting her the chance to debut as a budding talent. Struggling with a society that constantly admonishes her vivacious spirit, PriPara becomes Laala's solace, allowing her to unleash her boisterous voice and sing with unadulterated passion. Moreover, whispers abound that Laala might possess the legendary Prism Voice, adding an enthralling layer of excitement to her journey. Within the realms of adventure, couture, and melodious tunes, Laala embarks on an extraordinary ascent, striving to claim her rightful place as the most endearing and adored pop idol in the mesmerizing realm of PriPara.