Prism Ark Songs Lyrics

Prism Ark Songs Lyrics


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Prism Ark Songs
Prism Ark Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Prism Ark


Released on year:2015

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:10


The relentless ambition of the Sablum Empire to conquer the illustrious kingdom of Windland has persisted unabated over the years. Now, a sinister alliance has been forged between the mercenaries known as Sister Hell and Darkness Knight, as they conspire to launch a menacing new offensive employing the formidable powers of enigmatic beings known as Angels. Within this turbulent realm, we are introduced to Hyaweh, a nonchalant yet exceptionally skilled swordsman, and Priecia, a woman of mysterious lineage who may hold the key to Windland's salvation. Drawn together by fate, their destinies intertwine as they find themselves enrolled at the prestigious Knight's Academy in Windland. Here, they embark on a journey of relentless training, honing their mastery of swordsmanship and delving into the arcane arts of sorcery. As they tread this treacherous path, a tapestry of alliances, friendships, and profound discoveries unfolds. In the face of imminent invasion, Hyaweh and Priecia must gather a formidable force of loyal companions and allies, leveraging their combined skills and unwavering determination, to safeguard their cherished homeland from the encroaching darkness. Will they prove victorious in this titanic struggle for the soul of Windland? Only time will reveal the outcome of their valiant efforts.