Psycho Armor Govarian Songs Lyrics

Psycho Armor Govarian Songs Lyrics


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Psycho Armor Govarian Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Psycho Armor Govarian


Released on year:2014

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:11


The Garadain Empire, grappling with the depletion of vital resources on their home planet, embarks on a series of space missions in search of a new world to call their own. Their sights are firmly set on planet Earth, among other potential targets. However, a maverick alien scientist named Zeku Alba emerges as a renegade, defying the oppressive imperial regime as he flees to Earth. There, he seeks out a select group of extraordinary young individuals blessed with the extraordinary power of "psychogenesis" – the ability to manifest physical matter from the depths of their own minds. Among these remarkable recruits, stands Isamu – a resilient young orphan who lost his entire family during the initial onslaught of the Garadain Empire. Isamu possesses an innate talent that surpasses his peers, enabling him to summon the awe-inspiring robot, Govarian. Clad in this formidable suit of armor, Isamu takes on waves of monstrous alien invaders, all while harnessing the boundless psychic energy of its pilot – an energy that fuels Govarian's ever-evolving abilities. Armed with two other ingenious robotic creations crafted by his fellow comrades, Isamu, as the powerful Govarian, emerges as the Earth's fierce defender in the daunting and protracted war against the encroaching extraterrestrial forces.