PSYCHO-PASS 2 Songs Lyrics

Psycho-Pass 2nd Season | Psychopath Second Season | サイコパス 2
PSYCHO-PASS 2 Songs Lyrics


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PSYCHO-PASS 2 Opening Lyrics Psycho-Pass 2nd Season | Psychopath Second Season | サイコパス 2 Opening Lyrics
PSYCHO-PASS 2 Ending Lyrics Psycho-Pass 2nd Season | Psychopath Second Season | サイコパス 2 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:Psycho-Pass 2nd Season | Psychopath Second Season | サイコパス 2


Released on year:2012

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:22


In a dystopian future, where justice is determined by an enigmatic system known as Sibyl, the ever-resolute inspector Akane Tsunemori embarks on a thrilling new chapter. Unfolding eighteen months after the mind-bending events of its predecessor, our relentless protagonist is joined by a fresh set of enforcers and an unwavering junior inspector named Mika Shimotsuki. However, as Akane continues her work with the Sibyl System, she finds herself grappling with profound questions that challenge the very essence of her role. In the midst of her introspection, a menacing force emerges, wielding a sinister power over the Crime Coefficient. This crucial metric, responsible for gauging psychological well-being and identifying potential criminals, becomes the tool of this enigmatic figure's heinous crimes. In the wake of an enforcer's brutal demise, a cryptic message written in blood sends chills down their spines: "WC?" Now, Akane and the formidable Division 01 must engage in a perilous game against their newfound adversary. This lethal chess match not only threatens the authority and integrity of the Sibyl System, but it also strikes at the very core of Akane's deeply held beliefs and convictions. As the looming conspiracy unravels, the stakes rise higher than ever before—forcing our brave inspector to confront her own truths and face the ultimate test of her unwavering resolve.