Rail Romanesque Songs Lyrics

Rail Romanesque Songs Lyrics


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Rail Romanesque Songs
Rail Romanesque Ending Lyrics レヱル・ロマネスク Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Rail Romanesque

Also Called:レヱル・ロマネスク



In the year 1989, a remarkable transformation unfolded in the once-stirred land of Hinomoto. After enduring the tumultuous aftermath of a devastating World War, the nation witnessed a thrilling renaissance propelled by cutting-edge technologies. The advent of aircraft, gasoline engines, and groundbreaking geomagnetic advancements sparked a sweeping revitalization, completely revolutionizing transportation as we knew it. Traditional railroads, once the backbone of connectivity, were swiftly overshadowed by far more efficient modes of transit. However, a resilient and spirited faction known as the "Raillords" emerged, determined to resurrect the former magnificence of train travel. These vibrant personalities, epitomizing the very essence of unyielding energy, take on the role of humanoid control modules for their respective railways. In Ohitoyo City, these extraordinary beings converge for the grand Raillord Summit, a momentous event carefully orchestrated by the esteemed Suzushiro, a distinguished Raillord hailing from the illustrious Manoka Railways. Together, united by unwavering synergy, this exceptional collective embarks on an audacious mission to steer the railroads back on course, heralding an unprecedented and transformative "new railroad age."