Raimuiro Senkitan Songs Lyrics

Raimuiro Senkitan Songs Lyrics


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Raimuiro Senkitan Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Raimuiro Senkitan


Released on year:2015

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:11

Anime Genres


Yoshio Kobayashi wakes up in his classroom after what appears to be an ordinary day to find a terrifying discovery: his teacher has been mutilated, and Yoshio happens to be holding the weapon used to commit the crime.
Despite his initial shock at being in this situation, Yoshio, who is curious and detached, can't help but be secretly delighted by this attempt to frame him. Souji Hashiba, Yoshio's betrayed friend, is turned into a willing accomplice, and the two of them are determined to prove Yoshio's innocence. Furthermore, Kogorou Akechi, a brilliant high school detective, has arrived at the crime scene to investigate the case, and when Kogorou meets the young man found guilty, an intense mutual interest develops between them. Kobayashi wants to work as an assistant in Akechi's crime-solving business, and Akechi is eager to see if the eager young man is up to the task.
Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace is a surreal mystery and horror anime with brutal and bizarre crimes loosely based on stories by Ranpo Edogawa, who is well-known for his influence on Japanese literature.


ELF Corporation developed and published the Lime-Iro Senkitan (, lit. Lime-Colored Exotic War Story) game series. The story was turned into a 13-episode anime series that aired in Japan from January 5 to March 30, 2003. Lime-Iro Ryukitan X is a second season, and Lime-Iro Senkitan: The South Island Dream Romantic Adventure is a two-episode OVA.