Re-Main Songs Lyrics

Re-Main Songs Lyrics


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Re-Main Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:リメイン


Released on year:2013

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:13


After awakening from a 203-day coma, Minato Kiyomizu finds himself in unfamiliar territory. The car accident has obliterated his memory of his triumphant middle school days. Determined to regain his former glory, Minato discovers a passion for water polo that refuses to be extinguished. However, a harsh reality dawns upon him: the immense gap between his former self and his current abilities. Undeterred, Minato embarks on an arduous journey of rehabilitation, yearning to begin anew without relying on his past achievements. But fate has other plans for Minato. On his very first day at Yamanami High School, his past accomplishments resurface, along with a long-forgotten promise. Driven by a deep-rooted sense of duty, Minato decides to join the school's water polo club, despite his glaring inadequacy. With every stroke, every dive, he must relearn the fundamentals of the sport, while simultaneously recruiting new members to form a complete team. Minato relentlessly strives to resurrect his buried talent and once again shine as one of Japan's renowned water polo players.


In addition, Re-Main can also be found streaming on the Ani-One Asia channel via Youtube. Furthermore, please note that the airing of episode three of this captivating anime has been rescheduled by one week as a result of the extraordinary broadcast of the British Open 2021.