REDLINE Songs Lyrics

REDLINE Songs Lyrics


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Anime Information



Released on year:2014

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:24


Every half-decade, a breathtaking spectacle called Redline graces the cosmic stage, emerging as the most eagerly awaited competition in the universe. This extraordinary race operates under a single, invigorating rule: there are no rules. Pushing contenders to unprecedented limits, Redline sets the stage for daredevil drivers like JP to showcase their unparalleled skills. Having just secured his spot in the prestigious event, JP yearns for head-to-head battles against the crème de la crème of racers, especially the captivating sensation, Sonoshee McLaren, the sole other qualified human. Yet, this edition of Redline promises to be more treacherous than ever before. News has spread that the adventure will unfold on the perilous terrain of Roboworld, a planet known for its trigger-happy military forces and ruthless criminals, all eager to manipulate the race for their personal gain. However, rather than dissuading the intrepid racers, this potential danger merely adds a thrilling allure to the competition. Fueled by the sheer velocity of their machines, JP and his peers brace themselves for the impending event, setting their sights on claiming the coveted first place in the ultimate face-off of their lives.


The creation of Redline, an extraordinary masterpiece, spanned an impressive seven years and encompassed the meticulous crafting of over 100,000 frames. Its highly-anticipated unveiling took place at the prestigious Locarno International Film Festival in 2009, an entire year ahead of its release in Japanese theaters.