Rilakkuma to Kaoru-san Songs Lyrics

Rilakkuma to Kaoru-san Songs Lyrics


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Rilakkuma to Kaoru-san Songs
Rilakkuma to Kaoru-san Ending Lyrics リラックマとカオルさん Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Rilakkuma to Kaoru-san

Also Called:リラックマとカオルさん


Released on year:2020

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


Rilakkuma, a cuddly stuffed bear, mysteriously entered the world of a young woman named Kaoru, becoming a permanent resident in her cozy apartment. With a concealed zipper on its back, the contents of Rilakkuma's insides remain enigmatic. This adorable creature delights in indulging in fluffy pancakes, scrumptious rice omelets, delectable custard pudding, and delightful rice dumplings known as "dango". Accompanying Rilakkuma are Kaoru's pet bird, Kiiroitori, and an adorable white bear cub, Korilakkuma, whose arrival was just as unexpected as Rilakkuma's. Together, these charming characters embark on memorable adventures within their endearing world.