Ristorante Paradiso Songs Lyrics

Ristorante Paradiso Songs Lyrics


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Ristorante Paradiso Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Ristorante Paradiso

Also Called:リストランテパラディーゾ


Released on year:2011

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


Nicoletta's childhood was marred by her mother's heart-wrenching abandonment, as she whisked away to Rome for a new life with another man. Determined to exact her revenge, a grown-up Nicoletta embarks on a journey to Rome, brimming with a burning desire to disrupt her mother's existence. Fate leads her to the doors of Casetta dell'Orso, an extraordinary restaurant that is home to a remarkable band of sophisticated gentlemen clad in spectacles. In the blink of an eye, Nicoletta finds herself entangled in a mesmerizing tale of heartfelt moments and the vibrant tapestry of Italian life. With each passing day, her once-plotted revenge loses its grip, succumbing to the irresistible allure of genuine love and the charm of Rome's enchanting embrace.