RO-KYU-BU! Songs Lyrics

RO-KYU-BU! Songs Lyrics


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RO-KYU-BU! Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:2013

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


Subaru Hasegawa, an aspiring basketball prodigy, dreams of soaring to new heights and becoming a legendary superstar in the world of hoops. However, his aspirations are suddenly derailed when his school's basketball team gets disbanded for an entire year. Devastating news like this shakes him to the core, leading him to give up on basketball altogether. But amidst the depths of his disappointment, a flicker of hope emerges. Subaru's aunt, the esteemed Mihoshi Takamura, extends a unique proposition: to coach the Keishin Academy girls' basketball team. Initially hesitant, Subaru begrudgingly accepts this unexpected challenge. Little does he know that by doing so, he is about to embark on an extraordinary journey that will reshape his perception of the game forever. Entering the realm of Keishin Academy, Subaru encounters a group of spirited sixth-grade prodigies: Tomoka Minato, Maho Misawa, Airi Kashii, Hinata Hakamada, and Saki Nagatsuki. With unwavering determination, he takes on the pivotal role as their mentor and sets forth to mold them into an unstoppable force on the basketball court. Together, they share a single unequivocal objective: to conquer formidable opponents and triumph over all odds. Ro-Kyu-Bu! delves into the heartwarming tale of these five remarkable young girls and their unyielding coach as they strive to perfect their endearingly charming style of play. Join this extraordinary team on their quest for basketball greatness, as they captivate you with their sheer talent, untamed passion, and unbreakable bonds.


The riveting series had the privilege of being simulcasted on The Anime Network, captivating audiences far and wide. Sentai Filmworks initially intended to release the series on home video, yet an intriguing twist took place in June 2012. It was unveiled that the esteemed production committee, spanning regions beyond Asia, would be acquiring the exclusive home video rights. This decision adds an element of curiosity and excitement, leaving anime enthusiasts eagerly awaiting what's to come.