Robin Hood no Daibouken Songs Lyrics

Robin Hood no Daibouken Songs Lyrics


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Robin Hood no Daibouken Songs
Robin Hood no Daibouken Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Robin Hood no Daibouken


Released on year:2020

Released in:Fall


In the enchanting land of Nottingham County, a tale of valor and youthful rebellion unfolds. Centuries ago, a merciless and avaricious baron named Alwine wreaked havoc on the Huntington family, ordering the ruin of their noble castle. Miraculously, Robin and his cousins—Will, Winifred, and Barbara—escaped the burning inferno, seeking refuge in the embrace of Sherwood Forest. Under the wise guidance of the revered hermit known as "Friar Tuck," they embraced the challenges of a primitive life amidst the wilderness. Yet, within the depths of Sherwood Forest lurked a fearless group of young outlaws, led by the charismatic Little John. Fate would bring their paths together in a storm of uncertainty when Robin and his cousins crossed swords with these audacious bandits over the fate of Marian, an entrancing young maiden ensnared during an ambush. Initial animosity soon yielded to the bonds of friendship as Robin and John discovered their shared plight. Uniting their forces, these spirited teenagers resolved to aid one another in facing their common enemy. For Baron Alwine's cruelty extended beyond his vendetta against the Huntingtons—he had forced Little John and his comrades into the forest, escaping an existence of coerced labor at his hands. Moreover, he relentlessly pursued Marian Lancaster, yearning to unveil the secret embodied within the ancestral cross adorning her neck, coveted for its hidden riches. In their valiant struggle against the baron's relentless troops, led by the formidable knight, Gilbert, Robin and his gallant friends summoned all their courage. When Winifred and Marian were cruelly imprisoned within the grim dungeons of the despotic castle, our heroes endeavored fervently, determined to breach its forbidding walls. Victory eventually smiled upon their unwavering dedication, rewarding their indomitable spirit. Robin, with his noble heart ablaze and an unwavering sense of duty, earned the status of protector of the downtrodden and champion of justice. Revered not only by the grateful villagers, but also by the beguiling and fair-hearted Marian, he became an emblem of hope and gallantry. With his steadfast ally, the magical bow that never left his side, he fearlessly embarked on perilous and improbable quests, etching his name into the annals of heroes.