Robotics;Notes Songs Lyrics

Robotics;Notes Songs Lyrics


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Robotics;Notes Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:ロボティクス・ノーツ


Released on year:1984

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:23


The grand vision of Central Tanegashima High School's Robotics Research Club has always been to bring to life the majestic GunPro1, an awe-inspiring giant robot of unparalleled capabilities. Over the years, the dedicated members have tirelessly toiled, pooling their expertise and resources towards the realization of this ambitious endeavor. Now, it falls upon the resolute shoulders of Akiho Senomiya to fulfill the fervent dreams of her predecessors and see through the completion of this remarkable creation. Alas, the path to triumph is beset with challenges, not least of which is the dire lack of funding befitting such a colossal venture. Furthermore, Akiho's childhood friend and sole remaining club member, Kaito Yashio, seems to have veered off course, his attention consumed by the captivating allure of mecha-fighting games on his cherished "PokeCom." While Kaito languishes in a complacent existence, an enigmatic message pierces through his mundane routine, its cryptic contents obscured by a cacophony of static interference. Intrigued, he embarks on a quest to locate the elusive source, soon realizing that the message originated from none other than Airi Yukifune—an extraordinary artificial intelligence confined solely within the bounds of an augmented reality system seamlessly integrated into his PokeCom. Plunged into a world of mystery and uncertainty, Kaito discovers a peculiar dossier unearthed from Airi's vast database, harboring foreboding implications that could potentially unleash cataclysmic consequences upon the fabric of existence itself. In the enthralling chronicles of Robotic;Notes, join Kaito as he navigates the labyrinthine enigmas that intertwine reality and augmented realms, for he holds in his hands the key to a destiny that transcends mere imagination.


The thrilling anticipation for the highly-awaited anime series was met with a delightful surprise as one glorious episode graced the screens at the exhilarating Machi Asobi event on October 6, 2012. The excitement intensified further as not one, but two captivating episodes were exclusively unveiled at a special event on October 13, 2012. Marking the official commencement of its regular broadcast, the series enthralled audiences from October 12, 2012, onwards, captivating fans with its gripping storyline and captivating visuals.