Rocket Girl Songs Lyrics

Rocket Girl Songs Lyrics


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Rocket Girl Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Rocket Girl


Released on year:2007

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:26


With unwavering determination, Yukari Morita embarks on a perilous expedition in search of her father, who mysteriously vanished in the enigmatic depths of the South Seas. But little does she know, her quest will transcend unimaginable boundaries. Venturing to the Solomon Islands alone is already a feat for a high school student, but fate intervenes as she crosses paths with a remarkable individual: an astronaut from the illustrious Solomon Space Association, tirelessly striving to construct a formidable rocket capable of launching a brave soul into the vast expanse of space. As fortune would have it, the sharp-eyed director of the SSA, Nasuda, discerns a serendipitous opportunity in the form of Yukari. Her petite stature renders her a perfect candidate to ascend aboard their previously assembled rocket. In a compelling proposal, Nasuda extends an offer to Yukari: should she agree to undertake the arduous role of their astronaut, the SSA will lend their expertise to uncover the whereabouts of her long-lost father. Will Yukari possess the mettle necessary to soar into the unknown, becoming an integral component of the most audacious cosmic odyssey ever to transpire?


Rocket Girls is an adrenaline-fueled anime that takes inspiration from Housuke Nojiri's gripping light novels. With collaboration from the esteemed Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, this series delivers a thrilling and immersive experience. Originally aired on WOWOW satellite network, this captivating show now graces our screens every Friday. Brace yourself for a cosmic adventure unlike any other!