Romantic Killer Songs Lyrics

Romantic Killer Songs Lyrics


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Romantic Killer Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Romantic Killer

Also Called:ロマンティック・キラー


Released on year:2022


Anzu Hoshino's life revolves around three simple pleasures: video games, delectable chocolate, and the unwavering companionship of her beloved feline. Romance? Not on her radar. This high school girl has no time or inclination for such trivial matters. However, fate has a peculiar way of intervening when Anzu embarks on a peculiar odyssey through a glitchy 3D otome game. In a surreal twist, a whimsical sorcerer named Riri materializes from the very depths of the game and anoints Anzu as "subject one" - the chosen one to experience a genuine dating game harem storyline in reality. Much to Anzu's disconcert, her cherished possessions are swiftly snatched away by the enigmatic Riri, who cunningly employs them as leverage to nudge our protagonist towards matters of the heart. Thus begins a cascade of unfortunate mishaps, weaved intricately with saccharine clichés, propelling Anzu unwittingly into the enchanting orbit of Tsukasa Kazuki - a paragon of attractiveness within their high school realm. Although unbeknownst to her, Anzu is resolute in her resistance against Tsukasa's beguiling charms. However, as the contrived scenarios gradually penetrate her defenses, inadvertently illuminating Tsukasa's genuine nature, Anzu finds herself ensnared in a labyrinth of emotions. Just when refusing romance seemed like an unwavering stance, enter Riri's incessant meddling, unleashing a troupe of stereotypical pretty boys who further blur the lines of Anzu's convictions. Suddenly, evading the clutches of intimacy transpires into an increasingly formidable task - one that Anzu struggles to navigate amidst the turmoil of her heart's unanticipated desires.