Rumic Theater Songs Lyrics

Rumic Theater Songs Lyrics


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Rumic Theater Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Rumic Theater

Also Called:高橋留美子劇場


Released on year:2017

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:13


1. Slim Kannon: Unleash Your Inner Power with Slim Kannon! 2. Inu de Warui ka!!: Is It Wrong to Be a Dog? Embark on an Exciting Canine Adventure! 3. Obasan to Issho: A Heartwarming Journey with Grandma by Your Side! 4. Ganbari-Masse (The End of the World): Brace Yourself for the Epic Finale! 5. Grand Father: Experience the Love and Wisdom of Grandfather! 6. Takarazuka e no Shoutai (Invitation to Takarazuka): An Irresistible Invitation to the Magical World of Takarazuka! 7. 1 or W - One or double: Double the Thrills, Double the Fun! 8. Happy Talk: Let's Dive into the Joyful Conversations! 9. Uchi ga Megami ja!!: Unleash Your Inner Goddess! Embark on an Extraordinary Journey!


The captivating anime masterpiece, One or W, took the English-speaking world by storm under the title "Rumic Theater: One or Double," courtesy of VIZ Media on June 5, 1998. This incredible work of art later enchanted Spanish-speaking audiences, as it was flawlessly translated and released by EDT/Glénat on March 23, 2007.