RUN=DIM Songs Lyrics

RUN=DIM Songs Lyrics


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Anime Information



Released on year:2018

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:23


In the not-so-distant future of 2050 A.D, Japan finds itself in dire straits as a devastating consequence of global warming submerges nearly one-tenth of the country, including the illustrious city of Tokyo. The catastrophic event leaves Japan's economy in shambles, prompting the government to seek desperate measures for its revival. Enter "JESAS," a clandestine military organization harboring sinister ambitions to seize control of Japan's destiny. Under the guise of managing nuclear waste disposal in outer space, JESAS mercilessly pursues its agenda. To safeguard their dominion and deter potential threats, JESAS deploys sophisticated "R.B." Robotic Weaponry, ingeniously operated by pilots equipped with remarkably intuitive Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Countering this formidable force is the noble alliance known as the "Green Frontier." This international protective agency unites nations who share a profound commitment to preserving our ailing planet. Venturing into this tumultuous world, we encounter Kanna and Kazuto, skilled pilots enlisted by JESAS, while on the opposing side stand Doota Kang and Mira Yu, valiant members of the Green Frontier. These four remarkable youths shall intertwine destiny, driven by love, friendship, and an unwavering dedication to their duty. As the Earth's fate teeters on the brink, their actions will prove pivotal in shaping a future abundant with hope and possibility.