Runway de Waratte Songs Lyrics

Smile Down the Runway | ランウェイで笑って
Runway de Waratte Songs Lyrics


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Runway de Waratte Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Runway de Waratte

Also Called:Smile Down the Runway | ランウェイで笑って


Released on year:2013

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


Chiyuki Fujito, the daughter of a prominent modeling agency owner, harbors an unwavering determination to grace the illustrious stage of Paris Fashion Week. With her ethereal beauty and undeniable talent, she yearns to become the face of her father's agency and bask in the intense spotlight as a renowned runway model. Yet, there is one seemingly insurmountable obstacle that threatens to shatter her dreams—a vertical deficiency. Despite her exceptional qualities, standing at a mere 158 cm, Chiyuki's pursuit of her childhood aspiration appears to be an unattainable feat. In a world where aspirations are met with certain expectations, there exists another young soul entwined in the fabric of destiny. Ikuto Tsumura, a high school student with an exceptional gift for fashion design, is bound by the treacherous confines of limited opportunities. Hindered by financial constraints, his once-bright ambition of becoming a revered fashion designer languishes as a mere flicker in the recesses of his heart. However, it is in this convergence of fate that Chiyuki and Ikuto find solace and hope anew. Unyielding in their determination, this unlikely duo pledges to defy convention and forge their own transcendent paths within the captivating world of fashion. Their synergy, marked by audacious rebellion and unbridled creativity, sets them on an extraordinary journey where boundaries are pushed, and dreams are transformed into tangible reality. Together, they vow to challenge the norm, proving that true success knows no limits in their audacious quest to leave an indelible mark on the fashion scene.