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Takahashi Yumiko Good-bye Tears Ryuu Knight TV Series Opening Song 1 Lyrics

Good-bye Tears Lyrics

From the AnimeRyuu Knight Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight | Lord of Lords Ryu Knight

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Kyuu na sakimachi nobottara
Futatsu me no kao de chikazuku sora
(harete iku)
Mabushisa ni me ga nareru goro
Daisuki na umi ga mieru

Deai sae kuyami tsuzuketa
nagasugiru yoru mo
Kisetsu wa (mahou ne)
amaku yasashii kimochi ni kaeru

Good-bye Tears ima wa suki na mama iyou
Fushigi na chikara wo kureru (ano egao)
Atsui omoi dakishimeteitai
Um kono sora ni
Um todoku made

Yume miru hima mo nai mitai
Tomodachi mo fuete isogashii no (saikin
Kata made kami wo nobashita no
Jibun demo kiniitteru wa

Setsunakute tokidoki mune ga mada itamu
Heiki yo (heiki ne)
Tada naiteita watashi ja nai no

Good-bye Tears ima wa suki na mama iyou
Omoikiri aishita kara (wasurenai)
Kitto kitto deaete yokatta
Um anata e to
Um arigatou



When I climb up that steep hill
With the corners of my two eyes, the
approaching sky(clears up)
These days my eyes are getting used to
the brilliance
I can see the ocean I adore.

I continued to regret ever meeting you
On nights that were all too long
But the seasons (they're magic!)
Turn such thoughts into sweet, tender

*Good-bye tears, even now I remain in
love with you
That which grants me wonderous power (is
that smile)
I want to keep holding on to my
passionate feelings
Um, Until they...
Um, reach this sky.

It looks like I don't even have time to
My friends who are busy have increased
I extended my hair down to my shoulders
Even I'm pleased with it.

It's painful, there are still times my
chest hurts, but
I'm fine! (totally!)
The me who was only crying isn't me at

Good-bye tears, even now I remain in
love with you
Because I loved you with all my heart (I
won't forget)
Surely, surely, it was good that we met
Um, to you:
Um, thank you!



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Ryuu Knight Good-bye Tears Lyrics - Information

Title:Good-bye Tears

AnimeRyuu Knight

Type of Song:Opening

Appears in:TV Series Opening Song 1

Performed by:Takahashi Yumiko

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Good-bye Tears Lyrics - Ryuu Knight
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