Sabiiro no Armor: Reimei Songs Lyrics

Rusted Armors | 錆色のアーマ-黎明-
Sabiiro no Armor: Reimei Songs Lyrics


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Sabiiro no Armor: Reimei Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Sabiiro no Armor: Reimei

Also Called:Rusted Armors | 錆色のアーマ-黎明-


Released on year:2022

Released in:Winter


In the turbulent Warring States period of Hinomoto, an unexplored realm intertwines with chaos, where the unwavering spirit of Kinokuni, with its majestic mountains and expansive seas, holds the very essence of this era. Deep within the enigmatic forest, a formidable group emerges, proudly hoisting the symbol of the legendary Yatagarasu as their flag and armed with the awe-inspiring power of guns. They are none other than the indomitable warriors known as the Saikashu. Enter Magoichi, a distinguished figure hailing from distant lands, who now takes up the mantle of leadership within the esteemed Saikashu. Meanwhile, Saburo, deeply perceptive of the impending aggression from foreign powers, wages a valiant struggle to safeguard Hinomoto's precious sovereignty. Destiny, ever unpredictable, weaves its intricate tapestry as the paths of these two exceptional individuals intertwine amidst the relentless battle against invasive forces hailing from distant realms. Brace yourselves as an epic tale of valor and unity unfolds before your eyes.