Sacred Seven Songs Lyrics

Sacred Seven Songs Lyrics


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Sacred Seven Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Sacred Seven

Also Called:セイクリッドセブン


Released on year:2016

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


Alma Tandoji, immersed in a solitary existence, finds his world suddenly turned upside down when a peculiar visitor arrives on his doorstep. The elegant Ruri Alba, accompanied by a retinue of dedicated servants, seeks his cooperation in harnessing a dormant power that resides within him. However, haunted by a regretful past where his unparalleled strength caused harm to others, Alma is reluctant to lend a helping hand. Unbeknownst to Alma, a malicious entity known as the Dark Stone emerges in the tranquil realms of Kanto, casting a menacing shadow over the once peaceful town. Only Alma's formidable power, known as Sacred Seven, holds the key to combating this fiendish creature. Yet, consumed by self-doubt and inner turmoil, Alma's uncontrolled abilities threaten to worsen the situation. In a desperate attempt to tap into Alma's true potential, Ruri brandishes a precious gemstone, bearing the weight of her heartfelt desires, as she implores him to rise to the occasion. Will Alma heed the call and master his powers to vanquish the Dark Stone menace, or will his fears restrain him from fulfilling his destiny?