Saigo no Shoukanshi -The Last Summoner- Songs Lyrics

最後の召喚師 -The Last Summoner-
Saigo no Shoukanshi -The Last Summoner- Songs Lyrics


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Saigo no Shoukanshi -The Last Summoner- Songs
Saigo no Shoukanshi -The Last Summoner- Opening Lyrics 最後の召喚師 -The Last Summoner- Opening Lyrics
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Anime Information

Title:Saigo no Shoukanshi -The Last Summoner-

Also Called:最後の召喚師 -The Last Summoner-


Released on year:2010

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:13


Prepare to witness the awe-inspiring return of the legendary Demon King Diablo. But hold onto your seats because this time, he's taking on a whole new guise... that of a god! Brace yourself for a remarkable encounter as Diablo and his loyal party cross paths with the enigmatic High Priest Lumachina Weselia. Together, they embark on an epic journey to purge the corrupted depths of the Church. Lumachina, placing absolute faith in Diablo's divine presence, beseeches him for his protection as they set out to locate the noble head paladin, Batutta. In this thrilling saga, Diablo finds himself joined by the fearless Rem, the alluring Shera, the cunning grasswalker Horn, and the fiery Magmatic Maid, Rose. Can Diablo rise to the divine challenge and fulfill Lumachina's earnest desire? Will this Demon Lord from Another World prove his godlike prowess? With every epic twist and turn, prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary tale that combines the forces of darkness and divinity in an unforgettable clash.