Saint Beast Songs Lyrics

Saint Beast Songs Lyrics


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Saint Beast Songs

Anime Information

Title:Saint Beast


Released on year:2003

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:6


In the distant past, a celestial conflict raged in the realm of Heaven, where two remarkable beings, namely Judas and Luca, emerged as the leaders of a daring rebellion. As a consequence of their audacious actions, these two, among the illustrious group called the Saint Beasts, found themselves banished and imprisoned within the infernal depths of Hell. However, prior to these tumultuous events, Heaven exuded an aura of tranquil bliss, where its angelic inhabitants flourished in harmony. It is within this idyllic setting that we discover a group of youthful angels named Judas, Luca, Goh, Shin, Rey, and Gai. These burgeoning celestial beings, each possessing their own unique set of unrivaled talents and strengths, have been bestowed upon the prestigious title of Saint Beasts. United by the grand occasion known as the Benediction, where they are propelled into adulthood by the almighty deity known as Zeus, the destinies of these exceptional beings intertwine. Furthermore, this metamorphosis marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey, as they navigate the intricate nuances of their newfound adult bodies and embark upon a myriad of encounters that spawn profound friendships.