Saint October Songs Lyrics

Saint October Songs Lyrics


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Saint October Songs
Saint October Ending Lyrics Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Saint October


Released on year:1986

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:114


In the realm of both past and future, lies a mesmerizing world infused with fantastical elements and chilling horrors, veiled within the demonic confines of a mysterious city. Unfathomable incidents, defying the boundaries of scientific comprehension, have plagued this enigmatic metropolis. To unravel the mysteries enshrouding the city, a triumvirate of extraordinary young female detectives with unique abilities has assembled. Hayama Kotono, an orphan raised in the sanctity of a convent, brings forth her indomitable spirit to seek the truth. Alongside her, Shirafuji Natsuki, renowned as a charismatic pop idol, utilizes her keen intellect to aid in their pursuit of justice. And lastly, Hijiri Misaki mysteriously battles against the onslaught of her haunting past, challenging the nightmares that relentlessly haunt her. In this grand clash between those determined to orchestrate Judgement Day, and those who strive to safeguard the very fabric of our world, the distinction between righteousness and malevolence blurs. The lines between these opposing forces become deeply entwined, begging the question - which path embodies true justice, and which veers into the realm of evil? When Kotono fortuitously crosses paths with a memory-deprived young man, the wheels of fate begin to delicately turn. Yet, as they embark on their journey to solve the perplexing riddles, these three resolute young women will confront a destiny that holds immense ramifications for all of humankind, forever shaping its existence.