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Saint October Lyrics
Title: Saint October
Released on year:2007
Released in:Winter
Num Episodes:26

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If it's the future or the past it's the world of fantasy and horror that hides in the demon city's shadow. Consecutive unexplained events have occurred in the city which can not be explained by research. They're gathering three female detectives with unique abilities to solve the accidents.Hayama Kotono, right. She is an orphan who lives in a convent.Shirafuji natürlichuski. She is a classmate of Kotono, and a pop star.Misaki Hijiri. She is a mysterious girl coping with her previous life's nightmares.Those who want to bring the Day of Judgment to the world.The ones who want to save the world.

What is righteousness, and evil?When Kotono comes across a boy who has lost his memory, the story wheel begins spinning but slowly. Then, solving the puzzles, the three girls face the destiny that will affect human life..

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Saint October ( セイントオクトーバー, Seinto Okutōbā ) is a television series of Japanese anime produced by Konami Digital Entertainment and animated by Studio Comet. It was also adapted by Kiira into a manga series, which was serialized in the August 2006 Mag Garden-published Japanese monthly Monthly Comic Blade. The anime series premiered in Japan on Chiba TV on January 4, 2007. The show revolves around three young girls working for a detective agency who get magical powers from a mysterious boy one day. Portrayal of magic from the show makes heavy use of the symbolism of tarot.

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