Saint Seiya Songs Lyrics

Knights of the Zodiac | Zodiac Knights | 聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ)
Saint Seiya Songs Lyrics


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Saint Seiya Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Saint Seiya

Also Called:Knights of the Zodiac | Zodiac Knights | 聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ)


Released on year:1986

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:114


In the depths of antiquity, a fearless brotherhood of young warriors dedicated their existence to safeguarding Athena, the illustrious Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare. Remarkably, these extraordinary men possessed an innate ability to engage in combat devoid of conventional weaponry. Their fists wielded unimaginable power capable of tearing asunder the very fabric of sky and earth alike. Acclaimed throughout history as "Saints," their profound connection to the celestial energy known as Cosmos astounded all who witnessed their prowess. In the realm of present-day, a new generation of indomitable Saints prepares to emerge. Standing at the forefront is the resolute and zealous Seiya, engaged in a treacherous struggle to attain the Sacred Armor of Pegasus. Determined to overcome any obstacle, he staunchly defends his path to victory, earning the honor of becoming one of Athena's esteemed Saints after arduous years of unwavering training and unwavering perseverance. However, Seiya's journey is far from over. In truth, countless perils and formidable adversaries lie in wait for him and his comrades throughout their awe-inspiring exploits. What untold quests shall unravel before the valiant heroes within the grand tapestry of the legendary Saint Seiya saga?


The anime series emerged triumphant, claiming the prestigious Anime Grand Prix Award bestowed by Animage in 1987.