Saki Songs Lyrics

Saki Songs Lyrics


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Saki Songs

Anime Information



Released on year:2012

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


The deep-seated detestation of mahjong that has rooted itself within Saki Miyanaga's heart can be traced back to the tribulations of her childhood. Averse to attracting attention, she guards her true capabilities closely whenever the game is involved. However, an unexpected turn of events unfolds when her friend, Kyoutarou Suga, drags her into the school's mahjong club. It is within these hallowed halls that she crosses paths with Nodoka Haramura, the reigning champion of the illustrious national middle school mahjong tournament, as well as Yuuki Kataoka, another devoted club member. As the club indulges in a few rounds of this captivating game, Saki meticulously conceals her gifted abilities. Yet, much to her surprise, the observant club president, Hisa Takei, discerns Saki's peculiar approach and intuits the immense potential she harbors. Seeking to unravel her true prowess, Hisa strategically unveils Saki's unparalleled talent, thus shattering Nodoka's inflated pride and setting their relationship on a tumultuous path. Nevertheless, Saki ultimately embraces the camaraderie offered by the club and, after clearing up the misunderstandings with Nodoka, a profound bond blossoms between the two. Gradually, Saki reintroduces herself to the captivating allure of mahjong, and with resolute determination, she and her fellow club members set their sights on a single, audacious objective—emerging victorious in the fiercely competitive national tournament.