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Sakura Wars Lyrics
Title: Sakura Wars
Also Called:サクラ大戦
Released on year:2000
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:25


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Sakura travels to the capital with ambitions to protect the city, like her father before her, from the demonic powers of the Black Sanctum Council. Things are not as she expected, however, because in addition to using her great spiritual strength to fly a mech called a Kobu, she still has to appear on stage as an artist as the cover of The Imperial Flower Division is an art theatre. Making a fool of herself and losing a project puts her on the bad side of everyone and somehow she has to learn to deal with them and avoid the enemy from destroying many shrines that protect the city.


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About Sakura Wars

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Sakura Warsb is a Japanese steampunk media chain, developed and owned by Sega, founded by Oji Hiroi. It's centered on a series of video games spanning genres. The first game in the series was published in 1996, with the release since then of five sequels and several spin-off games. The series — set during a fictionalized version of the Taishō period — pict groups of women with supernatural powers use steam-powered mecha in the battle against demonic threats.The first Sakura Wars was an ambitious title to the Sega Saturn, which was then in development.
The tactical role-playing, dating sim, and visual novel genres convergence of the first game caused Sega to describe it as a "dramatic adventure," a name that has lasted a lifetime of the franchise.

Red Entertainment and Sega also co-developed most of the games before Sega became the sole developer in 2019. Although the show has seen continuity in the main actors who can both act and sing as well as the composer Kohei Tanaka, a number of other writers, programmers and animation studios will be working across a variety of games.As of 2010, the show sold more than 4.5 million copies, and earned critical and public acclaim.
For the Saturn and Dreamcast the original Sega console games were voted among the most successful. The franchise of Sakura Wars contains various anime series, manga, and other media ventures such as scene shows.

The video game series hasn't been published in English, except for Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love and the 2019 soft reboot. Several of the anime series for English territories have been localized..

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