Samurai Gun Songs Lyrics

Samurai Gun Songs Lyrics


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Samurai Gun Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Samurai Gun


Released on year:2002

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:26


In the throes of the industrial revolution, feudal Japan finds itself engulfed in a relentless whirlwind of chaos. The ruling Shogun exploit their power mercilessly, breeding an atmosphere of fear and oppression among the populace. Brutality runs rampant through the land, manifesting in beatings, imprisonments, heinous acts of rape, and even wanton murder. But the time for subjugation has reached its boiling point. United in purpose, a formidable band of samurai have risen to defy the tyrannical reign of the Shogun. Enter Ichimatsu, a warrior shrouded in mystery and resolve. By day, he assumes the guise of a humble tavern worker, concealing his true identity from prying eyes. Come twilight, he surreptitiously frequents the dens of vice, obtaining critical information from the underworld's murky depths. But under the cover of night, Ichimatsu emerges as something more—a harbinger of justice armed with cutting-edge weaponry and indomitable courage. Amidst the darkness, Samurai Gun stands as a beacon of hope, prepared to confront the harbingers of injustice head-on. Ichimatsu's steel determination and unwavering sense of duty pulsate through every fiber of his being, propelling him towards the pursuit and deliverance of righteous retribution. Witness this exhilarating tale unfurl, as Ichimatsu and his brethren wage their fierce battle against the oppressive forces that endanger countless lives. Amidst a backdrop of intrigue and impending revolution, Samurai Gun emerges as a steadfast symbol of resistance, challenging the reign of darkness that hangs over Japan's tumultuous era.