Sankarea Songs Lyrics

Sankarea: Undying Love | さんかれあ
Sankarea Songs Lyrics


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Sankarea Songs
Sankarea Opening Lyrics Sankarea: Undying Love | さんかれあ Opening Lyrics
Sankarea Ending Lyrics Sankarea: Undying Love | さんかれあ Ending Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:Sankarea: Undying Love | さんかれあ


Released on year:1998

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:26


From a young age, Chihiro Furuya has harbored an intriguing fascination with zombies and longed for a girlfriend of the undead variety. Little did he know that his morbid obsession would come in handy when his beloved cat, Baabu, meets a tragic end. Determined to bring his furry friend back to life, Chihiro embarks on a daring quest to concoct a powerful resurrection potion. It is during this unusual endeavor that he crosses paths with Rea Sanka, a wealthy girl burdened by her oppressive existence. United by their shared struggles, Chihiro and Rea form an unlikely bond that grows stronger with each passing day. While attempting to save Baabu, Chihiro unwittingly witnesses a distressed Rea confiding her sorrows into an ancient well. Inspired by her resilience, he becomes more determined than ever to achieve his goal. Eventually, with some assistance from the toxic yet enchanting hydrangea flowers found in Rea's family garden, Chihiro triumphantly resurrects Baabu. However, the consequences of their actions prove to be far more remarkable than either of them ever anticipated. Unaware of the potion's success, Rea, driven by a desire to escape the burdens of her life, mistakenly consumes it, believing it to be a lethal concoction. To her shock, the potion does not end her life but instead transforms her into a bona fide zombie. With Chihiro's unwavering support, Rea embarks on a journey to adapt to her newfound, albeit undead, existence. For a boy who dreamt of having a zombie girlfriend, Chihiro's life becomes an unforgettable whirlwind of the extraordinary. As Rea succumbs to peculiar cravings and they both navigate the unforeseen consequences of her transformation, Sankarea weaves a peculiar tale that challenges societal norms and explores the complexities of love and identity. Brace yourself for a captivating and unusual adventure where the boundaries of life and death are pushed to their limits.


The initial DVD and Blu-Ray releases in English underwent content adjustments, ensuring a family-friendly viewing experience. However, a commendable gesture was extended to our valued customers as they were provided the opportunity to swap their edited versions for an unblemished, uncensored edition subsequent to its release.