Sasaki to Miyano Songs Lyrics

Sasaki and Miyano | 佐々木と宮野
Sasaki to Miyano Songs Lyrics


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Sasaki to Miyano Songs
Sasaki to Miyano Opening Lyrics Sasaki and Miyano | 佐々木と宮野 Opening Lyrics
Sasaki to Miyano Ending Lyrics Sasaki and Miyano | 佐々木と宮野 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Sasaki to Miyano

Also Called:Sasaki and Miyano | 佐々木と宮野



In the scorching heat of summer, Yoshikazu Miyano's life takes an unexpected turn when the enigmatic Shuumei Sasaki crosses his path. Sasaki becomes Miyano's unlikely savior, rescuing one of his classmates from a horde of bullies. However, Miyano soon finds himself unable to shake off this peculiar upperclassman, and what initially began as silent admiration soon turns into an exasperating nuisance. Persistently bombarded with affectionate nicknames and personal boundaries trampled upon, Miyano can't help but question Sasaki's true motives for wanting to get closer to him. But there's more to Miyano than meets the eye. Behind his shy and easily flustered demeanor lies an embarrassing secret: he's a proud "fudanshi," someone who appreciates boys' love (BL) manga. Concealing this truth from his peers becomes his utmost priority. However, fate has different plans as Miyano accidentally blurts out his secret to none other than Sasaki. Surprisingly, instead of judgment or mockery, Sasaki displays genuine curiosity and requests to borrow a book to explore this hidden realm. Though initially hesitant, Miyano reluctantly obliges, unaware of the significant shift it would bring to their peculiar relationship. As Sasaki embarks on his BL journey, he unknowingly steps into an intricate dance of emotions. The time they spend immersed in their shared interest begins to unravel layers of complicated feelings, deepening their bond and setting the stage for a captivating evolution of their connection. Brace yourself as their shared passion for BL sets the wheel of destiny in motion, forever transforming their lives.