Sasurai no Taiyou Songs Lyrics

Sasurai no Taiyou Songs Lyrics


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Sasurai no Taiyou Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Sasurai no Taiyou


Released on year:2013

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


In the very same hospital, two precious lives were brought into this world. One hailed from an esteemed aristocratic lineage, while the other was born into the heart-wrenching deprivation of the slums. Yet, unbeknownst to all, a twist of fate occurred when the nurse-in-charge, Michiko, surreptitiously swapped the infants, motivated by a personal vendetta. Little did anyone realize that this simple act of deception would forever alter the paths of these young girls. As time marched on, their lives became intricately interwoven, like the delicate threads of a tapestry. The affluent Miki, embodying her privileged upbringing, inflicted cruelty upon the unsuspecting Nozomi, confined by the shackles of poverty. And yet, despite their starkly contrasting circumstances, both harbored a shared dream – the burning desire to shine as accomplished songstresses. Now, prepare to embark on a tumultuous journey where destinies collide, and aspirations clash. Brace yourself as these remarkable young women navigate an enthralling world swirling with riveting challenges, formidable obstacles, and extraordinary music. From this point forward, the stage is set, and the echoes of their fervent melodies shall resonate deep within your soul.