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Secret Princess Lyrics
Title: Secret Princess
Also Called:Himegoto
Released on year:2014
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:13


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Arikawa Hime, the main protagonist of Himegoto, is in grave trouble. He's being pursued for the debt his parents left him with by loan sharks. That is, until the Shimoshina High School student council steps in to bail him out. These "sweet" girls are supporting Hime by paying off his debt and welcoming him as a beautiful girl in the council of students.Hime only happened to wear a French maid outfit when he was greeted by the council, and now they won no other way. To exchange for paying off his loan, for the remainder of his high school years, Hime will dress as a girl and be the council's pet puppy.

Still, things could be worse.
After all, Hime is now surrounded by pretty girls who are always doting at him, showing him and doing him bad things. Thankfully, Hime has at least one person trying to get him out of this predicament: his little brother, who also happens to cross-dress. And then, of course, there’s the head of the disciplinary committee, who is… another cross-dressing boy!? This is getting ridiculous!.

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Hidden Princes is an American reality TV show that was premiered on TLC on 21 September 2012. This chronicles the experiences of many members of the foreign aristocracy, leaving their home countries in America to stay, work, and seek love. Therefore they go undercover as ordinary residents in Atlanta, Georgia during the first season and in Austin, Texas during the second season to ensure they are respected for their true self and not for their money or status. Season 2 premiered on TLC on 25 October 2013.

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