Seikimatsu☆Darling Songs Lyrics

Seikimatsu☆Darling Songs Lyrics


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Seikimatsu☆Darling Songs

Anime Information



Released on year:2015

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:25


Unleashing a captivating narrative, the tale revolves around Maya, the esteemed daughter of the former Headmaster of the prestigious Waldstein Academy, and an enigmatic time-traveling agent known as Fumiaki Uchida. Transporting us to the year 2012, we find ourselves amidst a world that has fallen victim to a harrowing alien invasion. In an effort to avert the prophesied apocalyptic disaster foreseen by Nostradamus himself, formidable time travelers are dispatched back to the year 1999. Set against the backdrop of this tumultuous year, Maya resolutely returns to Waldstein Academy with a singular mission - to assume her late father's mantle as the principal and dismantle the very foundation of the institution. However, her audacious plan takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with the mysterious Fumiaki, who divulges vital information about the imminent destruction looming over their existence. Despite harboring reservations about Fumiaki's intentions, Maya takes a leap of faith as they join forces, vowing to locate the elusive Nostradamus Key. To aid them in their perilous quest, time agents are bestowed with extraordinary cell phones crafted specifically for this purpose. With these remarkable devices at their disposal, our intrepid duo embarks on a thrilling pursuit, capturing photographs of potential Nostradamus Key candidates. As they wield the power to visualize destruction or the serenity of a utopian world through these evocative snapshots, Maya and Fumiaki delve into the murky realms of the occult, meticulously investigating strange occurrences that unfold within the enigmatic town.


In addition to the mesmerizing stories of So Ra No Wo To and the electrifying adventures in Senkou no Night Raid, emerge into the mystical realm of Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin. This riveting anime stands as a proud product of the groundbreaking "Anime no Chikara" initiative, which strives to cultivate original and captivating animated content, free from the constraints of pre-existing source material.