Isekai One Turn Kill Neesan Songs Lyrics

My One-Hit Kill Sister | 異世界ワンターンキル姉さん ~姉同伴の異世界生活はじめました~
Isekai One Turn Kill Neesan Songs Lyrics


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Isekai One Turn Kill Neesan Songs
Isekai One Turn Kill Neesan Opening Lyrics My One-Hit Kill Sister | 異世界ワンターンキル姉さん ~姉同伴の異世界生活はじめました~ Opening Lyrics
Isekai One Turn Kill Neesan Ending Lyrics My One-Hit Kill Sister | 異世界ワンターンキル姉さん ~姉同伴の異世界生活はじめました~ Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Isekai One Turn Kill Neesan

Also Called:My One-Hit Kill Sister | 異世界ワンターンキル姉さん ~姉同伴の異世界生活はじめました~


Released on year:2023

Released in:Spring


In an extraordinary turn of events, Asahi Ikusaba, a devoted otaku, finds himself whisked away to an alternate realm after rescuing an innocent child. To his amazement, he believes he has been reborn with incredible abilities reminiscent of the characters from his beloved anime and novels. Alas, his euphoria is short-lived as a frightening encounter with a formidable monster shatters his illusion, revealing his own ordinary nature. However, when Asahi's life is hanging by a thread, he instinctively calls out to his adoring sister, Maya, who miraculously materializes before him, wielding the very extraordinary powers he aspired to possess. Overjoyed by the reunion with her brother, Maya pledges to shield him with her newfound abilities, prepared to face any jeopardy that may come their way. A united front, the inseparable siblings embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of their newfound existence while cherishing the thrilling adventures that unfold. Yet, amidst their playful exploration, a dawning realization takes hold – their venture into this unfamiliar domain may not have been a mere twist of fate. With the imminent approach of the indomitable Demon King and his fearsome army, only Maya stands as a beacon of hope, endowed with the strength to vanquish their impending doom. Bound by an unbreakable bond, the extraordinary duo journeys through this enchanting realm, bent on discovering a path back to their homeland. Little do they know, their arrival in this realm may hold a profound purpose, one that could forever alter the fate of both worlds. As the dark clouds of chaos gather, Maya must harness her extraordinary powers to confront the imminent threat and protect her beloved brother, venturing fearlessly into the unknown.