Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Songs Lyrics

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Songs Lyrics


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Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~


Released on year:2013

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


The adrenaline-fueled second stage of the epic battle royale, famously known as the Sekirei Plan, looms ominously over the horizon. Shintou Teito, a fortress previously teeming with life, now stands as an impregnable prison for both the enigmatic Sekirei and their devoted Ashikabi partners. With restrictions tightening their grip, Minato Sahashi and his enthralling harem of Sekirei brace themselves for the imminent clash, fraught with unpredictable twists and treacherous turns. Amidst this tumultuous spectacle, an unexpected revelation sends shockwaves rippling through Minato's very core—someone close to him, unbeknownst to him until now, may hold pivotal significance in this deadly game. Danger lurks insidiously at every bend, as rumors whisper of the awe-inspiring "Single Numbers," the elite embodiment of Sekirei power, joining the ferocious fray. The enigmatic puppeteer pulling the strings, the illustrious "Game Master" Minaka Hiroto, smugly relishes in the unfolding chaos, convinced that his grand design is unfolding precisely as planned. Prepare for heart-pounding suspense, as unyielding forces collide and alliances are tested in the crucible of battle. Loyalties will be strained, souls will be tested, and sacrifices will be made. Brace yourself as the Sekirei Plan hurtles towards its cataclysmic climax, leaving no room for the faint of heart.


The highly anticipated anime series made its debut with an exclusive preview on Tokyo MX on June 13, 2010, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Following the thrilling preview, regular broadcasting commenced on July 4, 2010, marking an official start to the much-awaited journey.