Sekko Boys Songs Lyrics

Sekkou Boys | 石膏ボーイズ
Sekko Boys Songs Lyrics


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Sekko Boys Songs
Sekko Boys Ending Lyrics Sekkou Boys | 石膏ボーイズ Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Sekko Boys

Also Called:Sekkou Boys | 石膏ボーイズ


Released on year:2016

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


On her very auspicious initiation at Holbein Entertainment Co., Miki Ishimoto, an ambitious and fresh-faced graduate, finds herself entrusted with the momentous task of managing an exclusive idol group. Unexpectedly, her assigned domain revolves around...statues?! However peculiar it may appear, these statues bear the name of Sekkou Boys, or aptly named "The Rockies," a captivating boy band constituted by enigmatic Greco-Roman sculptures. Comprised of the illustrious figures of St. George, Mars, Hermes, and Medici, these four busts are venturing into uncharted terrain – the entertainment industry. Unquestionably, it is bestowed upon Miki to facilitate the Rockies' meteoric rise and secure their indelible imprint on the idol world. But, shall their journey be one of monumental triumph? Or will Miki's management, in all its formality, mark the onset of an arduous ascent to stardom?


Sekkou Boys captivated fans worldwide through a remarkable collaboration between Zargiani Works, the renowned character goods maker, Kadokawa, a prominent media company, and Holbein Artist Materials, the esteemed art supplier. This fascinating anime series took center stage in the Ultra Super Anime Time programming block, airing on Tokyo MX and BS11 channels. To enhance the experience, captivating live-action dramas were unveiled on Kadokawa's official YouTube channel, providing fans with valuable insights following each episode's riveting broadcast on Tokyo MX. Witness the convergence of talent and creativity in this sensational production.