Sengoku BASARA Songs Lyrics

Sengoku BASARA Songs Lyrics


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Sengoku BASARA Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Sengoku BASARA

Also Called:戦国BASARA


Released on year:2010

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


During the tumultuous Sengoku period, Japan was plagued by unrestrained power struggles and a relentless quest for unification. In this chaos, one indomitable figure, known as the "Demon King of Owari," emerged as the unequivocal ruler. Nobunaga Oda, feared by both allies and enemies alike, was determined to crush anyone who dared challenge his vision of a despotic central government. However, there were two valiant souls who defied Oda's iron grip on the land. Masamune Date, the "One-eyed Dragon of Oshu," and Yukimura Sanada, a renowned and fiery warrior from the Takeda clan, stood resolute against Oda's ruthless ambition. While sharing the same noble objective of preventing Oda from unifying the domains, Masamune and Yukimura found themselves locked in a fierce rivalry. Though equally skilled and admirably matched in combat, their clash of personalities hindered the formation of a united front against the menacing "Demon King of Owari." As Oda's formidable forces inexorably closed in on their respective territories, Masamune and Yukimura, reluctantly acknowledging the perils that awaited them, realized the need to set aside their differences. They begrudgingly united their prowess and forged an unlikely alliance, determined to confront the encroaching menace and defy the usurper's tyrannical rule. Together, they would confront the impending onslaught, where the fate of Japan itself hung precariously in the balance.


Sengoku Basara derives its roots from an exhilarating series of hack-and-slash fighting games, crafted by the renowned gaming giant, Capcom.