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Sentou Yousei Yukikaze Lyrics
Title: Sentou Yousei Yukikaze
Released on year:2003
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:13

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The Kanto region of Japan's Ikkitousen is embroiled in a turf war between seven different high schools. A small number of students at these schools are in possession of sacred beads. The souls of warriors who fought during China's Three Kingdoms Era are housed in these magatama. These students are not only endowed with the abilities to draw from the souls to which they are linked, but they are also endowed, or cursed, with the fates of these legendary warriors.
Hakufu Sonsaku, a young, caring, dim-witted girl who has recently transferred to Nanyo Academy and will be living with her cousin, Koukin Shuyu, is one of these students.

Due to her strength as a fighter and the possibility that she is the one who carries the spirit of the Chinese warlord Sun Ce, Hakufu's arrival creates an almost immediate sense of tension. The "Big Four," Nanyo's most powerful fighters, are shaken by her presence and determined to prevent Hakufu from achieving the goal set for her by her mother: to conquer those who challenge her and unite the seven schools..

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Chhei Kambayashi's Yukikaze (, Sent Ysei Yukikaze, lit. Battle Fairy Yukikaze) is a Japanese military science fiction novel series. Hayakawa Publishing published a collected bunkobon volume in 1984, which began as a series of short stories. Two sequels were released in 1999 and 2009, respectively. From August 2002 to August 2005, Gonzo and Bandai Visual released a five-episode original video animation (OVA) series in Japan. The air combat scenes in the series were created with the assistance of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. The JASDF collaborated with the Gonzo production team by recording the F-15J Eagle's actual sounds, conducting test flights at Komatsu Air Base, and discussing air combat tactics.

In 2003 and 2006, Yukikaze won the Tokyo Anime Award for Original Video Animation on both occasions..

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