Servant x Service Songs Lyrics

Servant x Service Songs Lyrics


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Servant x Service Songs
Servant x Service Opening Lyrics サーバント×サービス Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Servant x Service

Also Called:サーバント×サービス


Released on year:2012

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


Civil servants are often regarded as frustrating, inadequate, and exasperating individuals by the general public. However, the veil is about to be lifted, revealing the mysterious world behind the scenes. Enter three eager newcomers, ready to unveil the truth. Lucy Yamagami, driven by a resolute desire for vengeance against the civil servant responsible for her outlandishly lengthy name on her birth certificate. Yutaka Hasebe, a laid-back soul perpetually in search of an ideal slacking spot. And lastly, Saya Miyoshi, a timid rookie embarking on her very first foray into the realm of public service. Together, they are about to navigate the realm of government employment, an experience that oscillates between underwhelming and satisfying. Their ostensible mentor, Taishi Ichimiya, has served as an employee within this domain for a staggering eight years. However, ruthlessly devoid of any competence in the art of guidance, his guidance is essentially null and void. Enduring the trials of an inept elder colleague and the occasional confrontational client encounters, our trio begins to waver in their confidence, questioning the merits of their chosen vocation. Nevertheless, they persist, offering unwavering encouragement to one another as they strive relentlessly for excellence.