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Shadow Skill Lyrics
Title: Shadow Skill
Released on year:1998
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:26


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Warriors with supernatural abilities and extraordinary combat skills compete for the ultimate reward in the land of Kuruda: the title of Sevaar, the country's strongest warrior. Elle Ragu, nicknamed Shadow Abilities, is the newest to emerge from Sevaar, but this does not make her life any easier. It's hard enough to teach her "little brother," Gau, how to be a knight, how to fight off assassins from other kingdoms and foil enemy invasions, but her greatest obstacle will be paying off her drinking debts.

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About Shadow Skill

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Shadow Abilities ( 影技 SHADOW SKILL, Shadō Sukiru ) is a Japanese manga series written by Megumu Okada and illustrated. The series was adapted into four original video animations published from 1995 to 1996 and an anime adaptation produced on TV Tokyo in 1998 by Studio Deen.
In North America Manga Entertainment published the OVAs and ADV Films distributed the anime television series.

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