Shadows House Songs Lyrics

Shadows House Songs Lyrics


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Shadows House Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Shadows House

Also Called:シャドーハウス



Hidden deep within the unforgiving mountains lies the enigmatic domain of the Shadows, an ethereal lineage of noble beings distinguished by their mesmerizing obsidian appearance and the enigmatic aura that cloaks them. Within the sprawling labyrinth of their colossal manor, isolated from the rest of humanity, a captivating tale unfolds. Enter Emilico, a vivacious and newly minted Living Doll whose vibrant spirit knows no bounds. Assigned to attend to the introverted and enigmatic Kate, Emilico finds herself embraced by the shadows, becoming an integral part of her master's existence. Despite their divergent personas, Emilico ceaselessly endeavors to fulfill her duties and cater to her master's whims. It is through this singular bond that Emilico, like all the other Dolls, is given a glimpse of the visages they could have possessed, had fate not bestowed them with their melancholic complexions. As Emilico delves deeper into her role and purpose, she encounters a tapestry of fellow Dolls and their mysterious masters, each harboring their own enigmas and secrets. The poignant purpose underlying their existence unravels with every encounter, thrusting Emilico into a world where curiosity reigns supreme and trivialities fade beneath the weight of profound revelations. In the hallowed halls of Shadows House, where whispers flirt with the darkness and secrets echo through ornate corridors, Emilico grapples with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, unwilling to cower before the complexities that shroud her extraordinary existence. With every step she takes, the allure of the Shadows House beckons, promising answers that remain tantalizingly out of reach.