Shadowverse Songs Lyrics

Shadowverse Songs Lyrics


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Shadowverse Songs
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Also Called:シャドウバース



While making his daily commute to school, a mysterious voice catches Hiiro Ryuugasaki's attention, emerging from his humble storage shed. Intrigued, he ventures inside, only to stumble upon a smartphone harboring an intriguing surprise - the immensely popular digital card game known as "Shadowverse." Notably, this extraordinary device had already taken root within its technological depths. With grand thoughts of his grandfather granting his fervent smartphone pleas, Hiiro remains unsuspecting of the extraordinary journey that beckons. As the day progresses, disconcerting news reaches Hiiro's ears concerning his classmate, the unfortunate victim, Mimori Amamiya. Her misfortune lies at the hands of Takuma Kibakura, a cunning Shadowverse player who not only defeats his opponents but mercilessly confiscates their devices as a cruel trophy of victory. Fueled by a resolute determination to retrieve Mimori's prized possession, Hiiro vaults into an electrifying realm, brimming with adrenaline-fueled battles and relentless opponents; none more fearsome than the indomitable Lucia Yonazuki. The stage is set for an epic clash of wits, as Hiiro embarks on a thrilling adventure, destined to test his skills and push the boundaries of his capabilities within the mesmerizing realm of Shadowverse.