Shaman King Songs Lyrics

Shaman King Songs Lyrics


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Shaman King Songs

Anime Information

Title:Shaman King

Also Called:シャーマンキング


Released on year:2001

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:64


Tokyo braces itself for an epic clash: the daunting Shaman Fight, an extraordinary biennial tournament where the gifted shamans—masters of spirit manipulation—converge in battle. This ultimate showdown has a monumental prize at stake: the esteemed title of Shaman King, granting unrivaled authority to solicit and harness the boundless might of the Great Spirit. With this omnipotent force, the victor can reshape the world according to their whims and fancies. Under the starry canopy of a moonlit night, Manta Oyamada stumbles upon an unexpected rendezvous in the form of his classmate, the free-spirited You Asakura. Proposing an enchanting escapade into stargazing, You introduces Manta to a rather unconventional group of companions—spirits dwelling in a nearby cemetery. Astonishingly, Manta's exceptional sixth sense, allowing him to perceive these supernatural beings, quickly captures You's admiration. Thus, when Manta falls prey to the ruthless malice of a local gang, You resolves to avenge his friend, enlisting the aid of Amidamaru, a noble samurai spirit whose tomb was ruthlessly desecrated by the gang's leader. Immersed deeper into the arcane realm of spirits, Manta begins to unravel the enigmatic tapestry of the Shaman Fight, discovering You's audacious aspirations to seize victory. With newfound knowledge and an indomitable spirit, they embark on a monumental quest, where incredible powers clash and destinies are forged. The stage is set for an exhilarating spectacle of skill, courage, and relentless determination. Will You emerge triumphant and claim the coveted title of Shaman King? The answer lies in the thrilling battles that await them in this extraordinary competition.