Shaman King (2021) Songs Lyrics

SHAMAN KING | シャーマンキング
Shaman King (2021) Songs Lyrics


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Shaman King (2021) Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Shaman King (2021)

Also Called:SHAMAN KING | シャーマンキング


Released on year:2001

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:64


Shamans possess an extraordinary gift – the power to commune with unseen realms teeming with ghosts, spirits, and deities that lay beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Picture a grand spectacle known as the Shaman Fight, an illustrious tournament of epic proportions, where mystics from all corners of the globe converge to determine the ultimate title of Shaman King. This prestigious accolade grants the victor unparalleled authority to shape the very fabric of our world, guided by the omnipotent Great Spirit itself. Amidst the labyrinthine corridors of everyday life lies Manta Oyamada, an ordinary middle schooler running late for class. Seeking a shortcut through a nearby cemetery, little does he know that this serendipitous decision will change his destiny forever. In a spine-chilling encounter, Manta stumbles upon a solitary figure perched by a gravestone, who extends a mystifying invitation to stargaze alongside "them." Petrified, Manta quickly comprehends that "them" refers to the enigmatic presence of his ghostly compatriots. Sensing an opportunity, the enigmatic boy introduces himself as You Asakura: a burgeoning Shaman-in-training. Astonishingly, You showcases his awe-inspiring capabilities by joining forces with a centuries-old samurai spirit named Amidamaru, obliterating a gang of ruthless thugs destined for Manta's misfortune. Bound by their shared ability to perceive the ethereal realms, Manta and You forge an unbreakable bond, vowing to fulfill You's audacious ambition of ascending to the revered status of Shaman King, all while being guided by the indomitable Amidamaru. Together, this unlikely trio embarks on an extraordinary quest, braving untold dangers and uncovering profound mysteries on their path to greatness. Will You Asakura, armed with his spectral ally Amidamaru, conquer the daunting trials that lie ahead and claim the coveted title of Shaman King? The answer awaits as their epic journey unfolds, enthralling our senses and challenging our perception of what lies beyond the veil of the tangible world.