Shika no Ou Songs Lyrics

The Deer King | 鹿の王
Shika no Ou Songs Lyrics


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Shika no Ou Songs

Anime Information

Title:Shika no Ou

Also Called:The Deer King | 鹿の王


Released on year:1996

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:373


The legendary warriors known as the Lone Antlers valiantly sacrificed everything to defend their beloved homeland from the oppressive empire of Zol. Tragically, their courageous efforts resulted in the loss of their own lives, leaving only one survivor: Van, their fearless leader. But Van's fate takes a harrowing turn when he finds himself enslaved in an unforgiving salt mine, toiling away under the oppressive rule of his captors. However, when darkness descends upon the mine one fateful night, as ferocious canines unleash their savagery upon the unsuspecting workers, fate bestows an unexpected twist upon Van's entangled path. In the aftermath of the brutal canine assault, an enigmatic disease emerges, engulfing both the enslaved and their merciless captors alike. Amidst this chaos, Van manages to escape the clutches of his captors, but not alone. Joined by a young and hopeful girl named Yuna, their journey begins as they seek solace and survival in a world plagued by uncertainty and peril.


Yen Press has mesmerized English-speaking fans with its captivating publication, The Deer King (Shika no Ou) since October 3, 2023. This extraordinary masterpiece, gracing the shelves under the renowned Yen On imprint, presents a regal narrative that is sure to bewitch and enthrall readers.